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Bucklin Family Reunion Series

High Cotton

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Some families are filled with so much love they can't stay away from each other … and when they get together they drive each other crazy.   Shay Henke has mixed feelings about going to her family's next reunion. On the one hand, she'll get to see everyone she loves unconditionally. On the other hand, she knows there'll be more drama than Carter has liver pills.   As the days leading up to the event bring one surprise after another, Shay deals with her sister-in-law's deep, dark secret, her business-mogul twin cousins whose childlike ways bring out her maternal urges, and running into that guy she never imagined having a chance with but wants to go to the reunion with her.    Shay's contentment is challenged, and she's determined to shake things up a bit.    

Fit to Be Tied

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More family drama happens with the next Bucklin family reunion. Acceptance is a universal need; people want others to love and appreciate them, even if they can't stand them.  Being rich is fine, but when wealth comes from striking oil, it can make a slippery mess for a family who doesn’t know what to do with it. The Bucklin cousins are all together again, and this family reunion is shaping up to be another hot mess. Coralee falls for the police officer who pulls her over. Sally has finally found a guy, but now she’s not sure a relationship is even worth the bother. No matter how hard Brett tries to avoid trouble, he somehow stumbles right back into the thick of it. And Marybeth and Bucky continue to fumble and bumble as they learn just how to handle being rich. The Bucklin family is known for drama—and family drama knows no bounds.

Out of Pocket

You don't have to be physically present to make a difference in someone's life … but the Bucklin family members know it's generally better if you're there, or you'll wind up being the main topic of conversation.  


Belles in the City series

Trouble in Paradise

There are times when situations teeter on the line between family drama and romantic comedy. Charlene's feelings are tested so much that she isn't sure whether she's falling in love or losing her mind.

What happens when a beautiful, smart, driven southern belle meets a handsome, equally driven man who suffers from PTSD? Charlene Pickford finds herself in a pickle after landing the job of her dreams in New York City. Her boss Alan might be attractive, but when it becomes obvious that he's hiding some deep, obviously very dark secret, she feels an overwhelming urge to flee to keep from falling in love with a guy who is so obviously wrong for her. Or is it too late?

She could go back to Georgia to help her parents—even though they've made it clear that they don't want her hovering. Or she can stick around and see what happens with her career and her feelings for Alan. Decisions, decisions, decisions!

One Foot Out the Door

What is a southern belle supposed to do when a slick NYC attorney turns all his attention to her, even though she plans to go back home as soon as her aunt gets better? Bethann often forgets to see the humor in this romantic comedy.

Bethann Russell loses her job, so when her elderly great-aunt needs help, she’s the most logical family member to move up to New York to be the caretaker. When attorney Judd Baxter arrives to help Bethann’s aunt with her legal affairs, the attraction between him and Bethann is obvious. As Bethann gets to know Judd, she discovers some things about him that make her wonder if he's sincere. And even though she isn't sure she trusts him, that flutter of love grabs hold of her and won't let go. Are his career sacrifices enough to let her know that he's a man of honor?

Can't Fool Me Twice

Is it possible for a southern belle to ever trust a man who deceives her in order to get her to work for him? Sunny lets her thoughts be known in some uniquely southern ways in this romantic comedy.

After finding out the identity of her boss, Sunny Tatum worries that she won't ever be able to trust him. For New Yorker and restaurant owner Dante Romero to try to pass himself off as a "Bubba" is more of a stretch than she can handle since she doesn't see that he has an ounce of grits running through his veins. However, the attraction is there, and it's something she can't deny. But when she learns something about her mother's health, life gets complicated, and he has an opportunity to prove himself. The only problem is, he's worried too. They both fight the love that blooms between them. Can he rise to the occasion and be the man she needs at this difficult time?


Love at the Hug a Mug

Bailey Hatcher is flattered when Scott Nixon's great aunt matchmaker brings them together at the Hug-a-Mug coffee shop. However, when Bailey eventually realizes that the woman's scheme is less about romance and more about reconciling something that happened many years ago between their parents, she loses trust. Each time Bailey visits her favorite coffee shop, something happens to make her question her own heart's desires. Is there any way Bailey and Scott can love each other without being disloyal to their parents?

Unraveled Hearts

As Ruby and Antonio get ready for their 10-year high school reunion, some of their old feelings rise to the surface. Ruby had a crush on him throughout high school, but he was always with Marla who showered him with homemade gifts, including cupcakes, cookies, and sweaters that she knitted for him. How can Ruby who doesn’t have a domestic bone in her body ever compete with that? Maybe she should take up knitting. It can’t be too hard, can it?

A Rose for Rose

Sparks fly between them a farm girl and a city boy, but her father puts the skids on this budding romance because he doesn't think Joseph knows some of the essentials skills that a man should possess. Joseph will do whatever it takes to win the heart of the most beautiful "Rose" he has ever seen. However, Rose is intrigued by city life and the differences between Joseph and how she grew up. Will the flicker of love between Rose and Joseph turn into a flame?

Southern Women's Fiction

Class Reunion Series

Pretty Is as Pretty Does

Priscilla Slater goes to her ten-year high school reunion with equal parts dread and eager anticipation. Even though she's a successful owner of a chain of hair salons and no longer has the mousy brown hair, crooked teeth, and discount-store wardrobe, she still feels like the ugly duckling. But when she arrives at the reunion, Priscilla soon realizes that her old classmates aren't exactly as she remembers them. With humor and a just a touch of sassiness, Priscilla finds herself facing her own truth—and she may be surprised at what she discovers.

Bless Her Heart

As Priscilla Slater's 15-year class reunion approaches, she decides to attend out of curiosity... and to flaunt her latest achievement—taking her business to a national level with the possibility of a TV show. As if getting ready for the event and putting up with the pranks of her former classmates isn't enough, Priscilla's hometown visit is further complicated by her parents' separation. With the once-solid sanctuary of her home broken at the foundation, there's only one thing Priscilla's parents can agree on: no matter what sort of accolades their daughter receives as a hair stylist, she's not living up to her potential. Eager to escape the painful reality of her childhood home, Priscilla bolts as soon as a call from New York brings good news: her offer to purchase one of the best salons in the country is likely to come through. But returning to New York means returning to Tim, Priscilla's best friend and business pal who has been impatiently suggesting their relationship should be more than a friendship. Despite her recent achievements, will Priscilla learn that success doesn't always result in popularity—or love?

Tickled Pink

Priscilla Slater shows up at her 20-year reunion as a national celebrity. Her hair salon dynasty has skyrocketed, and to top it off, she has her own line of hair products. She has become a huge success with the "Ms. Prissy Big Hair" line that lets women with the thinnest of locks get the coveted "big hair" look so popular in the South. Her classmates have finally come to terms with adulthood, but they're handling it with the grace of a Southern woman wearing white after Labor Day. It's just downright awkward! Asserting the maturity that her classmates have often lacked, Priscilla holds her head high. But she can't ignore everything. When she catches her mother in the arms of her former high school principal, Priscilla can't get out of town fast enough. Eager to get back to her more comfortable life, Priscilla runs head on into an ultimatum: Tim tells her they're not getting any younger—as if she has to be reminded.

Cozy Mysteries

Summer Walsh Mystery series

Murder Under the Mistletoe

When former Nashville police detective Summer Walsh visits her favorite B&B in Charleston, South Carolina, during the Christmas Holidays, she discovers the innkeeper's dead body. What she'd hoped would be a relaxing holiday between jobs turns into a stressful and often frustrating experience with another innkeeper who didn't like the victim, a man who toys with elderly women's emotions, an ex-con who will do anything for money, and a very disloyal housekeeper.

Former Nashville police officer Summer Walsh is the quintessential southern lady who embodies kindness, courtesy, and ladylike toughness. She wants what's best for everyone, and she'll do whatever it takes to get it.

Gun in the Garden

Summer Walsh will do anything to avoid going back into law enforcement, so when she has an opportunity to leave Nashville and run a day care center in Atlanta, she grabs it. To her parents' chagrin, she stumbles on another dead body and can't resist the urge to get involved. Over the next several days, Summer encounters several suspects including a man who has threatened to take down the victim's tree that drops fruit into his yard, a nosy neighbor, a man who will stop at nothing to get her car, and the garden club president who thinks the victim is pond scum.

Offed at the Office

Summer Walsh has barely gotten into her new temp job when she is called back to Atlanta to help figure out who murdered the owner of a daycare center. Not one to say no when someone needs her, she drops everything and goes. It's not easy to weed through suspects that range from a gold-digging, estranged wife and money-grubbing brother to a bunch of daycare workers who each had their own bone to pick with the victim. 


Multi-Author Collections

Double Trouble

Whether they're children or adults, twins have a way of shaking things up. Enjoy these five completely different stories of Double Trouble!

Wedding Planners

When it's wedding time, it isn't only the bride who finds her happily ever after. Come along as wedding planners, photographers, and bridal shop owners find a groom of their own.

Pop Goes the Question

These six contemporary romances take you from first glance to a fun and unique wedding proposal. Whether it be on a golf course or wearing a Santa suit, these proposals will make you go ahhh!

All Mixed Up

Sometimes love doesn't go the way a woman thinks it should. In these tales of romance, women are taken out of their comfort zones and find love in unexpected ways. Curl up in your favorite chair and indulge in some sweet romances that couldn't have been planned, but were instead designed by destiny.

Songs of the Heart

Music has always placed a part in romance, and these 7 contemporary romances are no exception. Let the melody stir your heart as you enjoy these Christian stories sure to rekindle a little note of romance for you.

Returning Home

A combination of historical and contemporary romances, these five stories of returning home and finding love will warm your heart.